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Two new activities are starting at the Centre in October. On a Wednesday commencing 11th October we have 24 Fit Derby taking a Konga class starting at 19.45 for an hour, check out the website www.24fitderby.co.uk and on a Friday 13th October Weight Watchers commence a weekly class running from 5 – 7pm run by Alyson Woodcock – a good opportunity to prepare for the Christmas festivities.

24 Fit Derby say that Konga is the class that has everything – dance, boxing, cardio, hip hop, pop, Latin, jazz, ballet, Pilates and toning, plus great music, smiley people and an electricity in the air that will get you buzzing at every class. Say goodbye to boring fitness classes right here. There is so much variety in a Konga class, it’s impossible to get bored.

Be prepared to squat, burpee, sprint and sweat your butt off while the music takes you away to your happy place.

It doesn’t matter if you’re super fit or totally uncoordinated, we guarantee you’ll love Konga as an exercise option. EVERYONE DOES!!

The joy of Konga is that each routine is only four moves which makes it super easy to pick up, and there is always a low impact option explained should you need to take it easy for any reason. It incorporates the best music beats from across the decades so if your feet were still for long enough, you’d definitely be tapping them. But it’s also super-effective exercise. And it’s fierce. And it’s wild. And you’ll burn about 700 calories a class, depending on intensity.

Yes, Konga is worthy of its Jungle Body title. If you have the smallest bit of an inner animal, you’re going meet it head on at Konga. That said, if you’re still not sure you have a wild side, don’t let it put you off. Well happily let you quietly do your own thing while you discover it for yourself. Everyone is welcome to the Konga party.


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