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Hello and welcome to our October newsletter.  

This month we have a very important date in the calendar, Saturday 14th October, when we will hold our Annual General Meeting, so our newsletter is specifically about this and the role we play in overseeing the management of the Community Centre. 

The Centre is leased to the Trustees of Chellaston Community Association who are all volunteers and give their time freely to ensure that the facilities we have on offer are suitable for businesses, organisations and individual hirers to hold events, many of which benefit residents within Chellaston and the surrounding area. 

Currently our premises are in use 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and provide a range of activities for the general public and in order to maintain running an operation such as this, we are reliant on our Trustees and volunteers to make it happen. As a charity operating a public facility, we have plenty of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks on our schedule to ensure that we are compliant with legislation, our lease terms, our financial stability and of course, to make sure our users are also compliant and satisfied with the Centre operation. 

We are fortunate that at this present time the Community Centre is functioning well compared with some others within the City, which are no longer open for business. However for this to continue, we need more Chellaston residents to come forward and be involved in the Association and the Centre. We are looking for people to bring new ideas and vitality to ensure the long-term future of the Centre’s operation.  

Our Annual General Meeting, starting at 10.30am on Saturday 14th October 2017, provides an opportunity for attendees to hear about the past 12 months’ performance and a chance for Chellaston residents to put themselves forward to be elected as a Trustee of the Association. Our team meets once per month for a couple hours on a Monday evening so it does not interfere with work commitments. Yes, we have a few working parties and some Trustees are retired, so some daytime tasks can be undertaken. 

The livelihood of the Association depends on more people coming forward to help and therefore we are asking for your help and would appreciate your attendance at the forthcoming AGM at the Centre. 

As our motto states, we are “working together to keep our community alive” 

Dave Cartwright

Chairman CCA


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