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Hello and welcome to our newsletter.  

We have some good news regarding further modernisation at the Community Centre having received a Biffa Award which will now contribute to environmental improvements comprising of increased daylight within our large meeting room, cloakroom and main hall annexe. In addition our west end wooden entrance door will be replaced with something more modern and secure. These rooms formed part of the Centre extension and were designed with narrow windows to avoid vandalism in the early 2000’s. The subsequent creation of our secure garden area has addressed potential issues so we can consider larger windows allowing increased daylight into both areas. We hope to undertake this work in the school summer holidays to minimise disruption to our hirers. 

The Spirit of Chellaston event was held on Saturday 16th June and despite the cooler and damp weather conditions we had a great turnout of residents, groups and organisations making it a truly fun day for everyone. It takes a lot of hard work for the Chellaston Events Group to put on and therefore a big thank you to Kelvin, Amanda and the team for their dedication to ensuring the continuing success of the event. The CCA Trustees were in charge of refreshments at the Centre ensuring visitors had the opportunity to take a comfort break, rest those weary legs, enjoy some of the food and drink on offer and of course look around the Centre at the improvements made since last year. 

The Centre continues to be a popular location for individual weekend private functions such as children’s parties. If you are considering an event please have a look at our website www.chellastonca.org where we have displayed a calendar which will show availability. Early planning will avoid any disappointment and if you would like to view our facilities please get in touch. 

Finally, we are still looking for resources to join our team and take an active role in how the Association operates. Not a demanding task but a very rewarding one especially if you would like to become a Trustee of the Association. Our role in the main is overseeing the facilities of our charitable organisation, looking for opportunities and initiatives to make improvements to our premises to enable more activities to be run for the benefit of residents. Please get in touch through our website enquiries@chellastonca.org or give us a call on 07895386433.



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