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Hello and welcome to our November newsletter.

Last month our Annual General Meeting was held and Chairman, Dave Cartwright, reported on the progress made over the past year with two major improvement projects being completed. The main toilets were refurbished during Easter and in the summer holidays improvements to daylight within the hall and adjacent rooms. Both these projects were possible following successfully obtaining grant funding towards the overall cost. The Centre continues to function well with over 16 regular hirers along with individual event hires at weekends and financially we are in a stable position. The Association continues to look for residents to join our small team who meet monthly to oversee the management of the Centre. If you would like to help in some way please give us a call on 07895386433 or contact us by enquiries@chellastonca.org.

You may have noticed that two large trees on the west side of the Centre were taken down last month. For the past 18 months the Council has been monitoring structural cracks which appeared in the kitchen wall. Over the summer dry period this crack has widened to 6mm and the experts identified that the tree roots are part of the cause, hence the removal. They will continue to monitor the situation and hopefully at some stage the necessary structural repairs can be carried out within the kitchen area.

Incidentally the land at the west side of the building falls within our lease and we now look to the support of our ward councillors to press for some financial assistance to the Association such that we can extend our facilities. The Community Centre, located in the heart of Chellaston, is at certain times of the day and evening oversubscribed, therefore providing additional facilities would satisfy a growing demand for more recreational/leisure activities within an expanding Chellaston population.

Our garden this year despite the dry weather has provided a wonderful display of flowers with the baskets lasting well into October, a big thank you to Swarkestone Nurseries. This month will see us pruning and tidying the garden up ready for the winter, let’s hope the grass areas improve over the next few months.

We have some changes and additions to our regular hirers timetable. Pilates and Yoga are no longer in operation at the Centre. However Cartoon Heroes Support Group have moved their sessions to a Friday at 16.30 in the large meeting room and Sign Stars Academy will now start on a Monday morning this month in the large meeting room. We also have a Self Defence group Krav Maga operating on a Monday from 19.45. In January we have a Cheerleading Academy starting in the Main Hall on a Monday at 16.45.

Finally if you have a child’s birthday or family event coming up in the 2019 and are looking for a venue our premises are ideal for this. Check out our website www.chellastonca.org to view the facilities and the diary for availability and booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.


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