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Hello everyone and welcome to our newsletter.

It’s that time when the Trustees start to plan for the essential tasks in running the centre throughout the year in particular ensuring that we continue to maintain the premises to the high standards we have set ourselves. During half term, later this month we aim to change the lighting arrangements within the large meeting room providing the ability to vary the lighting levels dependent on the type of activity taking place.

Our main target this year is to develop and cost our plans for a west end extension to the premises. We will then hold a public event to showcase these plans and look for feedback from Chellaston residents. The Centre is extremely popular with annually over 2000 hour of use from our 18 regular hirers and some 100 individual hire events. As a result, we have limited availability during the most popular times of the day and continually have to turn away hirers who would be bringing additional activities to the Centre to benefit residents. The land to the west side of the building, facing Swarkestone Road, has been identified as suitable for development and we are looking to create a self-contained multi-purpose suite to meet future needs in this central location within Chellaston. Whilst we are in the early phase of this project we would like to hear from residents, prospective hirers, groups or organisations as to what they may be looking for in terms of the facilities and whether they would be interested in starting any activity within our premises.

The Trustees are in the process of purchasing a Community Notice Board to replace the existing board located adjacent to the disused toilet block on High Street. This board, which is used by various Community groups in Chellaston, is in an extremely poor condition and prone to leaking in wet weather.We have managed to finance a larger metal framed free standing board thanks to some grant assistance from Persimmons, Foundation Derbyshire and East Midlands Airport Community Fund organisations.It is intended that that the board is used by all our Community Groups to provide information on forthcoming events and activities taking place in Chellaston and the surrounding area.

Now is a good time to start planning for a celebration coming up, perhaps your child’s birthday party? The Centre becomes a popular location especially in the spring and summer months with the secure garden available. We hire on Saturday all day and on a Sunday afternoon and you can check out availability on our website diary www.chellastonca.org or by calling Joyce on 07895386433. 

Finally we continue to look for volunteers to join our committee or perhaps become a Trustee. We need “younger” recruits to get involved with overseeing the operation of Chellaston Community Centre to ensure that the good work carried out in recent years is maintained. You can contact us through our website or the phone number above.



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