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This month we are working on ensuring that the Centre provides a good flower display throughout the summer as part of the Chellaston in Bloom initiative being co-ordinated by our CRA colleagues. The 2nd Chellaston Brownie group who hire the Centre weekly are involving themselves in planting out a range of tubs with bedding plants which will be located around the Centre. This will complement our existing shrubs as well as the hanging baskets that we display on the fencing and we hope contribute to the overall appearance of Chellaston. Our thanks go to this initiative being undertaken by the 2nd Chellaston Brownies.

A reminder that the 2019 Derby Walking festival will commence at Chellaston Brickworks Nature Reserve on Saturday 18th May at 10am with a free “Hidden History” walk, meeting at the Car Park in Bensley Close. For more information on this particular walk please go to inderby.org.uk/walkingfestival

You may have noticed that the new High Street notice board is not in place. Further discussions are ongoing with the local authority and our councillors regarding the disused toilet block with the aim of establishing whether this area can be designated for “community” use and as such developed to provide a feature for the benefit of the general public. This still remains the most suitable location for the notice board so until we have a firm decision we will delay any installation.

The Spirit of Chellaston event takes place next month on Saturday 15th June on Swarkestone Road Recreation Ground from 12.00 to 5pm and the events team are working hard putting together the final finishing touches to the programme. It is the biggest event in the Chellaston calendar and a chance for residents of Chellaston and the surrounding neighbourhood so we look forward to seeing you on the day. The CCA Trustees will be serving refreshments all day and if you can assist in anyway on the day please get in touch either by calling 07895386433 or via our website enquiries@chellastonca.org, we are always in need of willing volunteers.

At this time of the year we remind our newsletter readers that the Centre over the coming months becomes extremely popular for individual party hires, in particular to celebrate children’s birthdays. The secure garden is ideal for “inflatable” equipment with the added bonus that if the weather is not so good the hall can still accommodate play activities. We have a number of weekend dates still available so if you are interested our website www.chellastonca.org displays a diary along with details of our facilities and how to make an enquiry. If you are not quite into this technology you can contact us on 07895386433.

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