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Welcome to our newsletter.

“School’s out” so we are carrying out some maintenance tasks during the summer holidays but a number of regular hirers will continue to run their sessions. This month will see the installation of our replacement outside storage unit which will ensure our key hirer Playdays Opportunity Group has a secure area for their outdoor toys and we can also find a permanent home for some of our maintenance equipment.

The response to our Centre expansion proposals has been very positive with many residents suggesting a need for more facilities to allow activities for both the young and the not so young. We have a new hirer on a Friday from 5pm, Infliction providing a range of martial arts skills for all age ranges. They are a Derby based operation with a large membership and are looking to expand their operations into the Chellaston and surrounding neighbourhood, contact details are listed on our website diary. We have over 20 regular hirers using the Centre with very little availability in the main hall apart from some unsocial times. With continuing requests from new hirers having to be turned away, this highlights the need to look to expanding the Centre at the earliest opportunity.

Just an update on the replacement High Street Community notice board. The location is in front of the disused toilet block which we understand is to be disposed of by Derby City Council. Chellaston Residents Association along with ourselves would like to see this area turned into a Community Garden and have therefore made representations to our ward Councillors and Derby City Council for this area to be transferred to community ownership. We would look to obtain the necessary funding through S106 provisions, external grants and the assistance of local businesses to demolish the toilet block and create a garden. Reinstating it as a toilet is not something the local authority will undertake and given the cost associated with refurbishment to current standards along with the ongoing maintenance and cleaning this is not something that the Community could finance. Consideration is however being given to incorporating an externally accessed toilet as part of the future expansion of the Community Centre.

Finally, if you are looking for a venue for perhaps your child’s birthday party the Centre offers a large hall, adjoining rooms, kitchen, cloakroom and a secure garden to let the children run off some steam when the weather permits. Check out our website www.chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room or contact us on 07895386433.


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