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Hello Everyone

The  Annual General Meeting of the CCA was held last month and Chairman, Dave Cartwright, reported on continuing progress on various improvements and energy saving initiatives. The Centre continues to function with well with over 20 regular hirers along with individual event hires at weekends and financially we are in a stable position. The Chair reported on the status of our planned building expansion to meet the ongoing requirement for space provision for new activities. We will shortly appoint an Architect to oversee this project, initially to undertake the development of an outline design sufficient to obtain planning consent. This is one of the key steps in our bid to raise the necessary funds for the expansion and something we will need when applying for external grants. The capital sums required mean that at the earliest it will be 2021/22 before we see project completion.

The Chair also raised the need to bring on board some new talent to the Committee to ensure the legacy continues given that many of our Trustees are reaching an age well past retirement. If you can assist in some way please give us a call on 07895386433 or contact us by enquiries@chellastonca.org.

We have just finished the tidying up of the garden for winter and will take the opportunity to prune the large tree which was getting out of hand early next year. We only recently took down our wonderful hanging baskets which have provided a wonderful show of colour throughout the summer and autumn. Once again many thanks to the “green fingers” of the Swarkestone Nursery team for providing these for us.

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing wi-fi at the Centre which will be an additional benefit to both our hirers and users of the Centre. It also enables us to introduce new Centre heating controls allowing remote programming of the system to address our ever changing timetable of events.

Finally if you have a child’s birthday or family event coming up in the 2020 check out our website www.chellastonca.org to view the facilities and the diary for availability. We had around eighty weekend private hire events over the past 12 months, so now is the time to book to avoid disappointment. The premises are ideal if you want to organise your own event with our facilities flexible to meet the needs of a range of children’s and family party themes, especially with our secure garden in the spring and summer months providing space for larger inflatable equipment. Check out our photo album on the Community Centre facebook page.

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