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Hello everyone, welcome to our newsletter.

Although the Centre has been shut since late March we have taken the opportunity to give our key public areas a lick of paint to freshen up the walls and ceilings ready for the day when we can start to see a full return of our regular activities.

Whilst we know lockdown has been essential, it will be good to see the Community Centre back in full operation and providing a range of activities for both young and the not so young. We are, of course, working to government and local authority guidance, so it would appear social distancing being something that we have to maintain for some time. We will continue to keep you updated through our social media outlets.

We have over the past two months had to cancel all regular hirer activities and, also many one-off private events, children’s birthday parties in particular, and we look forward at some stage to welcoming everyone back.

The announcement about a phased return of schools will see Playdays Opportunity Group starting back at the Centre at the beginning of June. Operating within a set of protocols, laid down by the Derby City Council Early Years department and Playdays staff, we are delighted to see them returning after this enforced break. The Trustees will be on hand to ensure our facilities are fully compliant with the current COVID-19 guidelines.

Of course, we have all had some time on our hands, and the Trustees have continued to work on initiatives to raise monies towards the Centre expansion. We are delighted to announce, after campaigning for the past 4 years, we have secured a significant financial contribution towards these new facilities. This contribution, together with monies received associated with S106 housing development allocations, and CCA financial reserves, means that we move ever closer to our overall fundraising target.

Our Architect is currently working on the outline building design incorporating a multi-activity suite along with various service areas to support this stand-alone facility, based on the feasibility sketch and plan, showcased in June 2019. Our next stage in this project will be obtaining planning consent.

What a great time to join our team of volunteers/trustees and take these ambitious plans forward ensuring that our facilities continue to flourish. We need more local involvement, indeed some younger blood, in maintaining our community facilities for the next generation. The Centre, now over 30 years old, is one of the few built within the City with funds raised through the generosity of the Chellaston community. The current administration, all volunteers, has worked tirelessly over the last 7 years, to turn around the fortunes of these premises, through upgrading facilities and sound financial management.  Please give some thought to coming “on board”. You can read about our history on our website news page www.chellastonca.org, contact us on enquiries@chellastonca.org or our facebook page. If you want a look around the Centre and understand what a Trustee role entails, this can be arranged.



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