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Hello everyone, welcome to our August newsletter.

The Trustees over the past few weeks have been working on the COVID procedures we need to put in place at the Centre, to ensure we are fully compliant with the requirements for Community Centres. This includes a COVID risk assessment as an addition to our general risk assessment document. Physically, we have been installing various pieces of equipment, in particular around hygiene requirements, together with notices, signs and an entry and exit policy. It does mean that at present we will not allow the use of certain rooms, especially where any form of soft furnishings are in place.

Over the summer months, when the schools are closed, we would normally have less regularly users, so this is now an ideal time to prepare the Centre for some of our regular hirers, hopefully returning from next month. We will be asking all our hirers to produce their own COVID risk assessment for their operation, as well as ensuring they are fully compliant with our specified procedure for a safe operation within the Centre.

We realise that some activities may not be returning in the short term especially where vulnerable persons may be involved. We aim to keep their hire slots available and will publish a list of returning activities in late Autumn.

Last month our planning application was submitted for the west end annexe. This is now going through the evaluation process at Derby City Council and we await the outcome. In the meantime, we continue to look for funding opportunities towards this ambitious project.

As mentioned in recent newsletters, we are still looking for residents to join our team to take us forward over the next months and years. Now is a great opportunity to put something back into your community. Without “new blood” charities such as ourselves, cannot continue ad-infinitum and consequently, at some stage, the organisation will fail. This inevitably will result in the closure of the Centre and the loss of the range of community activities available to Chellaston and the surrounding neighbourhood. So if you can assist and spare a little free time please contact us on enquiries@chellastonca.org or call us on 07891954892.



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