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Welcome to our newsletter

Last month we held our AGM attended by a small group of residents and our Ward Councillors. Chair of the CCA, Dave Cartwright, reported that the Association had managed during the pandemic to keep the Centre running and thanked hirer groups for maintaining COVID-19 protocols. The Association finances over the past 2 years continue to be healthy with surplus funds being provisioned towards capital projects.

The CCA continues to work with our appointed architect on the west end expansion with the aim being to invite tenders in early 2022 to obtain firm building costs. The design was showcased at the meeting.

The Chellaston Community Garden project status was also presented. This is a partnership with Chellaston Residents’ Association and we look forward to this garden being in place by Summer 2022. A final push to raise £3k towards the requirements of one of our grant providers continues and any small donations from residents and local businesses would be very welcome.

The Community Centre is now taking private hire bookings for weekend events in 2022. We have had a surge in bookings for the remainder of the year and now have little availability. Our website chellastonca.org provides details of our facilities and a calendar.

Finally, we continue to look for residents to join our team of volunteers. We are a small group overseeing the management of the Centre which includes a wide variation of tasks including media, finance, diy, general admin etc. If you can assist in some small way, please give us a call on 07895386433 or send us a note to enquiries@chellastonca.org



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