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Welcome to our newsletter

A big thank you to our sixteen regular hirer groups who individually took part in the mandatory annual fire drills ensuring that the Centre operates in full compliance of our Health, Safety and Fire protocols. We appreciate both regular and individual hirer involvement in meeting the standards we have set for the Centre.

With 2022 around the corner perhaps now is the time for you to start planning events such as your child’s birthday party, family get together, baby shower, tea party etc. The Centre offers the main hall, adjacent cloak/activity room, kitchen and secure garden. The hall is available all day on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons and can accommodate a range of activities to support your event. For the moment we are limiting our numbers for events to a maximum forty persons until such time as we see significant reductions in Covid infection rates. Our website www.chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room/ includes details of costs and a video clip of the facilities we offer. Also, you can view the calendar to see if a particular date you have in mind is available.

Our two key projects continue to progress.

First, the creation of Chellaston Community Garden in partnership with our colleagues, the CRA, should see the physical work commence early in 2022. We have managed to obtain the services of local tradespersons where possible including a Chellaston based landscaper who has been given the job of turning what is a brownfield site into the garden. Some of the key tasks will be the building of a natural sandstone wall to the rear along with circular, corner and entrance stone planters as well as a sandstone flooring. Artwork will be created by Wirksworth based Sculpture Works, who produced the artwork on the A52 pedestrian bridge. Chellaston History group will also play their part providing information on our local history for the interpretation board. Our aim is for the garden to open in early Summer 2022.

The West End annexe project is reaching the design completion stage, so we should be able to seek competitive tenders early in the New Year enabling firm building cost to be identified. We continue to incorporate green initiatives within the building design along with looking at the construction techniques to minimise disruption to our current operations. Tendering will also identify the shortfall in funding allowing the Trustees to start the difficult process of finding the remaining monies. Four years on there is still a long way to go to provide the expansion facilities needed for an ever-growing Chellaston population but we are working hard to achieve this.

Finally, the Trustees would like to take the opportunity to wish our hirers, Centre users and residents of Chellaston and the surrounding area a very Merry Christmas.


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