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Welcome to our February newsletter.

At last, we have managed to refurbish the main hall floor during the Christmas period following the enforced cancellation of this task in October 2021. Whilst most hirers had finished for the Christmas season, we would like to apologise to a few group activities which had to be cancelled. We know that improving the floor surface is beneficial to all users as well as our cleaning staff.

We had to re-introduce the wearing of face masks within the building, the only exemptions being for dance, fitness and pre-school activities but thankfully this mandatory requirement was removed last week. We continue to request users to ventilate the premises and use the hand sanitizers provided.

Individual private hire is available for children’s parties etc. and in view of the ongoing pandemic we are restricting numbers to a maximum of 40 persons, we will review this in April unless a sudden improvement occurs allowing us to increase numbers. Whilst we are taking a deposit with any booking, this will be returned if circumstances occur where the pandemic has affected your plans. For information go to www.chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room

The Community Garden Project continues to move forward with the partnership holding planning meetings last month with key contractors involved in demolishing the toilet block and landscaping the garden. The power supply to the building has now been disconnected and terminated by Western Power Distribution and the demolition process will be carried out this month by locally based Cawarden. Our aim remains to see the opening of the garden in early Summer 2022.

With regard to the Centre west end annexe project, we are reaching the final stages of the detail design with a significant effort being placed on the development of green solutions where possible. Once completed we will be inviting tenders for the building construction. This will then provide us with a firm building cost and identify the shortfall in funds. All monies raised to date have been through the efforts of the Trustees in attracting funding from various sources and our own financial reserves. If you can assist in anyway regarding fundraising initiatives, please get in touch.


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