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Hello and welcome to our newsletter

A big thank you to our twenty regular hirer groups who individually took part in the mandatory annual fire drills during October ensuring that the Centre operates in full compliance of our Health, Safety and Fire protocols. We appreciate both regular and individual hirer involvement in meeting the standards we have set for the Centre.

We were pleased to hear that the Chellaston in Bloom team received a level 5 outstanding “It’s your Neighbourhood Award” from the Royal Horticultural Society and East Midlands in Bloom organisation. We understand the new High Street Community Garden played a major part in achieving this top level award.

How would you like to play a part in continuing with the success of your Community Centre. For 34 years it has been run by Chellaston Community Association volunteers. A charity with no expensive salaries, we ensure the premises are readily available to host a range of activities suitable for the community. Many of our team are not getting any younger and it would be nice bring on board new recruits who ultimately will be needed if the Community Association and indeed the Centre can survive in its present form. We still have plans to expand our facilities, so this is a good time to get involved in putting something back into your community.

The key role is overseeing the management and operation of the Centre with some of the tasks being financial management, publicity, administration of hirer contracts and health, safety and maintenance. Some of this can take less than 1 to 2 hours of your time each week and furthermore provide you with an insight as to workings of how we run the Centre. If you can assist in anyway, please get in touch either by calling 07895386433 or enquiries@chellastonca.org and we would be delighted to show you what we do.

This month we feature another long-standing hirer at the Community Centre, providing activities every Thursday evening with sessions running between 6 and 9pm. Andy Holmes and the team run Global Taekwondo in the main hall with the opportunity to learn TKD with the aim of improving general health, strength, flexibility and confidence. Lessons provide you with sound basic training. The support and camaraderie you can expect to share with senior members will help develop inspirational learning. For more information contact the team on 07435 563194 or andy.holmes@gt-uk.net

With 2023 around the corner now is possibly the time to start planning an event such as your child’s birthday party, family get together, baby shower, tea party or indeed a public event. The Centre offers the main hall, adjacent cloak/activity room, kitchen and secure garden. The hall is available all day on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons and can accommodate a range of activities to support your event. Check out our website www.chellastonca.org and take a video tour. You can also view the calendar to see if a particular date you have in mind is available.

Finally, the Trustees would like to take the opportunity to wish our hirers, Centre users and residents of Chellaston and the surrounding area a very Merry Christmas.

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