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Welcome to our March newsletter.

Spring is around the corner and with the clocks going forward at the end of the month a chance to get some tidying up in the garden at home and the Community Centre. The grass has suffered with the drought conditions in the Summer and then the deluge of rainfall over Winter, so perhaps we need to look to a spot of returfing as soon as it warms up.

In February we had the opportunity to showcase the Centre expansion plans at the Chellaston and Shelton Lock Neighbourhood Forum and received some positive comments.

The proposal is now for the extension of the large meeting room into a more symmetrical 70 sqm open space area with increased ceiling height enabling a varied range of activities to be considered. Together with toilets, a small kitchen and storage facility the area will become a suite. We believe this will be ideal for groups and organisations wishing to bring something new to the Community, whether this be fitness, crafts, social or general meetings.

Externally our aim is to create a patio area and small secure garden specific for this suite. To compensate for the small loss of garden area for main hall users we have been able to secure an increased curtilage of the garden which will see the existing boundary fence being moved to within 1.5m of the tarmac footpath. This provides greater depth to the garden and will see some landscaping to improve some areas of open space.

We are now embarking on the tendering process to establish a design and build cost for the project and hopefully a suitable construction company to work within the budget we have realised through previous successful funding streams.

Finally, we continue to advertise the Centre for individual private hire at weekends, Saturdays all day until 21.30 and Sunday afternoons 1 to 5.30pm. If you are considering an event such as a children’s or family party, please take a look on our website for information https://chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room and take a video tour. We suggest you plan early to avoid any disappointment in finding that your date is not available.




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