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Hello and welcome to our newsletter.

This month sees the Annual General Meeting of Chellaston Community Association taking place on Saturday 11th November 2023 at 10 am in the Centre followed by complimentary refreshments. The Association is a registered charity with a key objective being to oversee the management and operation of Chellaston Community Centre on Barley Croft.

Lasting no longer than one hour it is a good opportunity for residents to hear about the status of the Association in particular the Community Centre operations. A previous newsletter highlighted the need for new personnel to join our committee to ensure we can continue to manage the Centre facilities. The tasks are not onerous or time consuming and our procedures and processes are well documented such that no special skills are required.

Many of the Committee members are reaching the retirement stage and it is important we put in place a succession plan to ensure the survival of this well used facility. Closure of the Centre would mean the loss of up to twenty regular hirer activities as well as a private hire venue and this would significantly impact on our community.

So, the Trustees would once again wish to bring this situation to your attention in the hope that some residents will come forward to join the team and ensure all the good work in maintaining a Community Centre in Chellaston continues.

We would therefore be delighted to see a healthy turn out of residents, organisation representatives and local councillors, so please make the effort.

The Centre is popular at weekends for family events and children’s parties. We always advise residents to plan ahead to avoid disappointment as we move into the new year so if you are interested please visit our website for details about hiring and view the diary https://chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room.


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