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Hello and welcome to our newsletter.

Last month the Annual General Meeting of Chellaston Community Association took place and the Chair of Trustees reported that the past years performance had been solid and that we continue to provide facilities for a wide range of activities. With the closure of the large meeting room for redevelopment several hirers have managed to find alternative venues within Chellaston which was good news. The Chair also reported delays to the redevelopment due to obtaining structural approval from the landlord Derby City Council. As a result, it will be early 2024 before we see any construction activity taking place.

The Chair raised the concern of the Trustees regarding the continued failure to attract new people to join the team, especially given the age profile of many of our current team. Without a succession plan in place, a time will be reached when the Association cannot perform within the requirements of the constitution. This will result in the trustees calling an extraordinary general meeting for members (Chellaston residents) to make a decision on whether to dissolve the Charity status and relinquish the lease of the building. This has obvious implications to residents of Chellaston, in particular hirers who use the facility for educational, medical and social activities and we do not wish to see this happen.

A better turnout of residents however has resulted in four new Trustees being elected to the team and we look forward to working with them to maintain the viability of the Association and indeed the Community Centre. Of course, we continue to welcome residents who may wish to join the team as a Trustee or indeed a volunteer and you can get in touch via enquiries@chellastonca.org.

The expanded Centre next year will open up various opportunities for new activities as well as potential drop-in facilities perhaps with a regular Community cafe, so any thoughts or assistance would be welcome as we plan the future of this new area.

We have an extremely busy month of private weekend events so as residents look forward to 2024 perhaps it is time to get your child or family event into our calendar to avoid any disappointment. Availability is Saturday all day until 9.30pm and Sunday 1 to 5pm, minimum hire is 3 hours. Please visit our website https://chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room.

Finally, the Trustees would like to take the opportunity to wish our hirers, Centre users and residents of Chellaston and the surrounding area a very Merry Christmas.



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