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Welcome to our February newsletter.

It is still a quiet time at the Centre and we can’t wait for improving weather conditions and increasing daylight to get some of the ongoing maintenance tasks completed.

We are currently only operating activities out of the main hall whilst we undertake the redevelopment of the large meeting room. We now have approval from our landlord to undertake the expansion and are in the process of contract negotiations with our preferred construction company.

Before people start querying on social media about seeing building work at the Centre and “what’s that for?” let us explain. A single storey pitched roof extension is planned to the current large meeting room expanding towards Swarkestone Road and north towards the library. The extended section will include a porch entrance to ensure we can provide a 70 square metre (10 x 7m) open space area. We are aiming to address the low ceiling height of the single storey by raising a central section to provide an “airier” feeling suitable for a wider range of activities. To complement this space the current large meeting room area will become service facilities to support the expansion. Services will include male, female and disabled toilets, a fully equipped small kitchen and some essential storage facilities. Doors on the south elevation will lead into a secure garden area.

We would hope to see this expansion complete by this summer and welcome any enquiries for space provision for new activities for the community by contacting us on enquiries@chellastonca.org

In the meantime, we continue to run a number of regular activities throughout the week and recently we have freed up some hire space from 4pm on a Wednesday if anyone is looking to start a group activity.

Now is also a good time to plan for your child’s birthday party, baby shower or family get together. We hire all day Saturday until 9.30pm and Sunday 1 to 5pm.  Our facilities include the main hall, a fully equipped kitchen, cloak/activity room and a secure garden area. The Centre is popular for children’s themed parties and within the hall we allow bouncy castles up to 15 x 12 x 12 ft high. For more information and a video tour of the premises go to https://chellastonca.org/hiring-a-room.


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