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Frequently Asked Questions

How many persons does the Community Centre hold?
The building is licensed for 140 people.
When is the Centre open?

We are open for hire 7 days a week from 8am until 10pm for regular hirers. Our diary on the website shows availability. For individual hire events the Centre is available until 9.30pm.

How do I make a booking to hire the Community Centre?
Our website first of all provides details of availability via the calendar. Contact can be made initially to our bookings secretary on line by filling in the initial application or telephone 07895386433. Subject to availability and meeting the hire requirements you will be provided with a booking reference number to enable completion of the necessary hire agreement on line. The booking will be confirmed on receipt of the signed paperwork and deposit.
I want to hire the Centre for a party/event, what is included?
The main hall and cloak/activity room, full kitchen and a secure garden area along with ladies, gents, disabled and child’s toilet facilities.
What equipment is provided?
The Centre has 75 folding adult chairs, 50 children’s chairs, 20 medium and small folding tables together with a range of small children’s tables.
Can we consume alcoholic beverages?
Providing alcohol is not sold then it can be consumed on the premises for persons over 18 years of age. Where it is to be sold a licence will be required from the City Council subject to agreement with the CCA Management Committee.
Does car parking exist?
The area outside the Centre is available for use by local residents, library and park visitors, shoppers and community centre users. It is on a first come first serve basis. Two disabled bays are provided within the area.
What equipment does the kitchen have?
Large fridge/freezer, double oven, hob, microwave, kettles and sink unit in our main kitchen.  In our small kitchen within the large meeting room we have a sink unit, microwave, fridge and kettle.
Does the Centre provide cups, saucers, plates, glasses and cutlery?
No, however we have a few cups and saucers in one of the kitchen cupboards.
What is the arrangement for opening and closing the Centre?
A CCA representative will arrange to open and close the Centre and provide instructions on fire evacuation compliance as well as showing you where all the equipment is located and how the building should be left.
Do we have to clean the Centre?
The Centre should be clean when you arrive and we would expect the building to be left in a similar condition.
Our party is for 3 hours - do we need to allow time to set up and clear up?
Yes, you need to ensure that this time is included in the overall hire, we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes before and after. Where equipment is being provided by another company e.g. bouncy castle, you may wish to increase this time.
Do you have waste disposal facilities?
No, as part of your hire agreement we ask that you take waste materials away from the Centre. Providing waste disposal facilities would increase our hire charges which we try to maintain as low as possible.
We would like to put up decorations is this possible?
We have a picture rail running around the main hall walls which is suitable. The use of drawing pins, sellotape and blu tack is not allowed on the painted walls and windows. Please request further clarification when booking.
Is it possible to play music such as a disco?
Yes we are licensed for music, we do ask that you consider the noise levels to avoid complaints from nearby residents. All portable electrical equipment should be tested annually and have a dated label attached. Faulty equipment may trip the power supply.
Is it possible to have a bouncy castle in the hall or garden?

Yes we have many themed parties for children including bouncy castles and early years events. However, we restrict the size of inflatables within the hall to an area no greater than 15 feet x 12 feet x 12 feet high due to accessibility and potential damage to the hall floor.  Larger equipment is acceptable within our garden area and can be accessed via the external gate. Our bookings secretary can provide more information and contact details of specialist providers.

Can we play football or have ball games as a theme on the premises?
No, we ask hirers to refrain from ball games both inside and within the secure garden area, except “soft play”. The Centre is adjacent to a recreation ground where ball games can be played.
I am considering starting a regular event, how can you assist in promoting it?
We use social media via our website, Facebook page and newsletter which is also published monthly in the Chellaston Choice magazine. A link to your website can also be included within our web page. Posters can also be displayed on the communal notice boards.
What is the special deposit for?

This is a returnable special deposit we levy for individual hires to cover possible damage, not leaving the Centre as found or being over your agreed hire time. If the hirer has met our hire conditions our Bookings Secretary will arrange for your special deposit to be reimbursed following your event.

How can I get involved in helping the Association?
We have a number of areas where assistance would be greatly appreciated. From joining our committee to oversee the management of the building to assisting with the weekly tasks we have to undertake. These include grass cutting and gardening in the summer months to carrying out basic regular checks or indeed helping out at our fundraising events or providing fundraising initiatives.
Who do I contact to offer my help?
Initially you can make contact via our website or by calling the number listed on our webpage.
Is it possible to have a BBQ or Hog Roast at our event?
Unfortunately we do not permit these on the premises which includes the garden area, due to the fire risk with naked flames or gas cylinders.
I am looking to hire a room for a meeting, what is available.

We have 2 rooms which can be used for meetings. The small meeting room (smr) is suitable for up to 15 people max with permanent furniture. It is accessed from the main entrance with shared kitchen use  and available outside of the daytime nursery hire periods and when the building is hired for private events. The large meeting room (lmr) is suitable for up to 25 people and has a separate entrance, disabled/uni-sex toilet, baby changing facility and small kitchen together with portable furniture. This room has no hire restrictions subject to availability.

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